Month: March 2020

Passport loan – how to get a loan for another document?

To find out if it is possible to obtain a passport or driving license payday card, it is worth looking at specific legal provisions. Passport loan – what is it? Considering banking law, and more specifically Article 112b of the Banking Act, we can assume that the identity document takes the form of an ID Read More

Maintenance support loan – is this possible? Check!

  A maintenance loan is a type of financial support that we use more and more often. It is popular especially among families with financial difficulties, but not only. It is available to anyone who regularly receives social or family benefits. What is the loan like? Is it profitable? What to watch out for so Read More

Cancellation of part of the loan together with interest and the creation of income.

Entrepreneurs, when developing their company, often use financing provided by banks. They are exposed to many factors, such as economic fluctuations, changes in customer tastes or competition. It may cause that the taxpayer will have problems paying back the loans taken out. Entrepreneurs in such situations usually try to restructure their debt, but the redemption Read More

Loan without certificates – who can use it?

Online loans without certifications help solve financial problems and make unforeseen expenses for people who do not have permanent employment but have regular account payments. This group includes unemployed people living on social benefits, people working in the so-called the gray economy, or persons employed under any civil law contract. Such a solution can also Read More